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Welcome to New York City: home of yellow taxicabs, NY Yankees, Broadway, and Etiquette Outreach, a Manhattan-based business-etiquette group in New York City established in 2000.

Our mission is to deliver creative, engaging, and comprehensive business-etiquette training to our corporate clients and individuals in tri-state area, all US states, and overseas.

Lyudmila Bloch and her partners at Etiquette Outreach have trained thousands of educators, corporate executives, Wall Street bankers, MBA graduates and other professionals in business, corporate, social, and multicultural etiquette.

EtiquetteOutreach.com has earned a reputation as the #1 
multicultural etiquette expert and world-class business etiquette trainer in New York City and the tri-state area.

Contact: (917) 951-9895 milabloch@gmail.com



Bloch is a multilingual business-etiquette expert, seminar leaderand  world-class business etiquette coach with corporate experience in the United States and abroad. She has hosted leadership training programs, led business etiquette seminars, and provided executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and national educational conferences in New York City.

Bloch is the former director of the VIP program at The Plaza Hotel in New York City and coauthor of The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza and World-Class Business Etiquette (in collaboration with Jeremy Willinger). She has developed a new program for educators, Creating an Effective Workplace in Your School, which helps educators polish their business and social skills.

EtiquetteOutreach.com has worked with an extensive list of clients, including S & P 500, Citi, Van Cleef & Arpels,Tiffany & Co., Siegel+Gale, Hilton New York, Lycée Français de New York (LFNY), Columbia University, New York Universty, Novartis, The United Nations, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Deloitte LLP, Floyd Advisory, Apple EU,  Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Bermuda Learning Solutions Ltd., The Plaza Hotel.

Etiquette Outreach is the only multilingual, international etiquette-training service in New York City that offers cross-cultural group coaching, and business-etiquette seminars for international and global companies.

World-class business etiquette training is offered in five languages: Persian, French, Spanish, English, and Russian. We can deliver on-site etiquette training in New York City and the tri-state area.

Etiquette Outreach has been recognized for excellence in business-etiquette training and international protocol by the leading universities and international corporate clients. 

EtiquetteOutreach.com was featured in more than 70 national and international publications, includingThe New York Times, Business Week, New York Magazine, ForbesLife, Fortune, Child, Quest, Fox Business,ABC, CBS Evening News, CNN, Larry King Live, Channel 12 News, Channel 7 Evening News, Travel, and Food Network.

In their spare time, Lyudmila and her team share their etiquette knowledge with more than 50 New York city schools in New York. They have developed a very popular Character Education program in assisting high-risk students improve their social skills, build self-esteem, and develop cross-cultural awareness. In working with these schools, Etiquette Outreach has been successful in reducing the racial achievement gap by providing business-and-leadership training to African-American and Latino students.

Bloch also worked with The French Embassy (via the Consulate General of France) in New York City in support of the dual-language program in NYC public schools.

To find out more about our services, please email us at milabloch@gmail.com or call us at (917) 951-9895 for more information.

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