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Etiquette Expert NYC grades the Oscars

Posted on Tue, Mar 09, 2010

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

by Lyudmila Bloch, Etiquette Expert NYC 

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

If you watched the Oscars the other night, you couldn’t have missed some great examples of poor manners that were on display for millions of viewers around the world. Call them outrageous or simply troubling, the offenses ranged from chewing gum on stage to obnoxious interruption of an acceptance speech…  Among the nominees in the Most Rude category were several big stars, but the “Oscar for Rudeness” went by unanimous vote to Elinor Burkett, producer of “Music by Prudence.”

In an attempt to dominate a one-minute speech by Roger Ross Williams, Ms. Burkett leaped to the stage, grabbed the microphone from her collaborator, interrupted his acceptance speech, and went on to deliver her own “talking points” to the stunned audience.  This inglorious moment can only be described as “hostile takeover” and will be forever recorded in the annals of the Academy as  “The Burkett Episode.”

The runner-up in rudeness was Sam Worthington who was chewing gum on stage while introducing his category with Jennifer Lopez.  During his Red Carpet Interview, Sam also found it necessary to plunge a finger into his ear and swirl it around, as if searching for a critter, and to scratch his beard. As the interview concluded, Sam’s mouth opened wide in laughter, revealing a sizeable wad reposing on a molar!

Outfitted in a gorgeous Chanel couture gown, the goddess of the “Sex and the City,” Sara Jessica Parker, left a lasting impression when the camera zoomed in and caught her with her mouth open while she too was chewing gum.

Whether you’re among the glitterati at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood or at a local restaurant with mom and dad, the best strategy is to chew your gum or food with your mouth closed. You never know who will be watching you!


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