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Can Better Brain Function Boost Your Business Etiquette Skills?

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2018

Contributed by Jane Sandwood

Social and business etiquette skills are key to getting ahead both on a personal and professional scale. A cultural faux pas can give a wrong impression of who you are, and drive business from potential clients elsewhere. In business, it is vital to be seen as a team player, to deal with managers in a respectful yet open manner, and to raise the bar for colleagues, all the while focusing on team goals. To ensure you exercise the rules of business etiquette from a mindful standpoint, make sure to boost your brain function every day.
Why is Optimal Brain Function Vital in Business?
Saying the right thing at the right time, making clients feel at home, and playing as part of a team throughout your working day is difficult if stress, poor sleep, or anxiety are hampering your ability to fully ‘be’ in the present moment. To be available to others and quick when it comes to recalling important facts, modern business etiquette or making sound suggestions to solve obstacles your team encounters during the day, being in  a calm and relaxed state is key.
The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, covered by Forbes, recently found that highly stressed employees are more likely to disengage from work, than their non-stressed counterparts. The study involved 22,347 employees in 12 different countries. Respondents stated that excessive pressure and stress led to a loss of motivation and greater absenteeism, with highly stressed individuals taking 4.5 sick days per year, compared to non-stressed employees, who took only 2.6 days.
In order to exercise proper business etiquette, it is vital to ‘have your heart in it’, as they say; to feel committed to your organisation, to represent the very best face of your company through your words, positive body language, and actions.
How to Boost Brain Function Naturally and improve your business etiquette skills
To some extent, employee stress must be dealt with by respective organizations, from management level. For instance, stress often results because of inadequate staffing, lack of flexibility, or unclear roles/goals/procedures.
There is plenty employees can do on an individual level, however, to boost their concentration, and memory, and lower stress. One way is through nootropics, not to be confused with so-called ‘super drugs’. The very best nootropic supplements for the brain, such as ginkgo biloba and caffeine, can enhance brain function in many ways, by promoting alertness (in the case of caffeine) or stress relief, concentration, and memory (in the case of ginkgo biloba).
Regular exercise and sound nutrition are also key. It is important to consume your five-a-day and to focus on foods containing Vitamin B (including bananas, leafy greens, avocados, nuts, etc.), Vitamin C (including citrus fruits, peppers, kiwi etc.), and Magnesium (found in abundance in nuts, especially Brazil nuts).
With respect to exercise, those who find that stress is leading to forgetfulness, loss of focus etc. can benefit from mindfulness based activities such as yoga, Tai Chi or meditation, all of which have been proven in various studies to lower levels of stress hormone, cortisol, and increase vitality.
Being at our best with others starts with being kind to yourself. If you notice that stress is making you forget to answer that important email, making you feel like snapping, or causing fatigued, try to use a variety of methods to curtail stress and start living ‘in the here and now’. 

Hone your brain power with exercise, brain games, and rest; above all, be fully aware of the inexorable link between brain function and your ability to be successful in terms of business etiquette skills and overall success. Business manners maketh the man and woman, in business and in all realms of life.