Business Dining Skills for Professionals

Business Dining Etiquette



To be successful in business, your business dining skills during a business meal must be on par with your professional skills.

Table manners do matter a great deal! Good manners show not only respect and consideration for fellow diners, but also one’s level of refinement. Please take a few moments to review our tips on business dining etiquette and table manners. 



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  The Dos and Don'ts of Dining

    • Do not order difficult-to-eat foods (pasta, ribs,  lobster, etc.
    • Follow the lead of your interviewer and mirror his/her body language.
    • Do not order alcohol to calm your nerves – control your emotions. 
    • Order the same number of dishes as your business partner.
    • Use proper “Continental Dining Style” – no switching fork back and forth.
    • Don’t move your bread-and-butter plate closer to you.
    • Learn the difference between a soup bowl and a finger bowl.
    • Pass salt-and-pepper shakers together.
    • Place your napkin on the left when your meal is finished. Do not refold it.
    • Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone.
    • If you're the person who initiated a business lunch/dinner -- you're paying the bill.

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Dining Etiquette: How to hold your utencils

Grasping the utensils' handles in the palms of your hands is the step # 1; placing your index fingers on the back of the fork and knife is the step # 2; applying gentle pressure right from the top of the fork is the step # 3.

If your dining utensils are off balance, or are in the wrong hands, your results will be dramatically different.


How to hold the dining utensils