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Etiquette Outreach has been providing business etiquette training in New York City since 2000.

Our mission is to create engaging and interactive programs that deliver high-quality, in-depth business-etiquette knowledge  and effective strategies on how to conduct business domestically and overseas. Our business etiquette seminars provide numerous approaches for small business companies and large corporations along with ongoing consulting.

Business Etiquette seminars empower employees to communicate more effectively with polish and confidence in any business setting; use business-etiquette tools, and handle with ease any workplace conflicts and difficult moments.

Our World-Class Business Etiquette seminar is a live presentation in combination with a hands-on dining tutorial (lunch or dinner) at the location of your choice in New York City and the tri-state area. The essence of business etiquette is brought to life by our passionate speakers and business etiquette trainers. This is the perfect way to reinforce your corporate culture, values, ethics, and professional conduct.

This comprehensive training will teach your employees how to act, excel, and succeed in all sorts of business settings. Every program is customized to address the specific needs and concerns of your organization in response to a crisis, long-term problem, or new policy.



The Most Popular Seminars and Workshops


  1. World-Class Business Dining and Wine Etiquette  
  2. Business Etiquette Essentials: First Impressions, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, and Networking
  3. Standard American Business Etiquette for International Corporations
  4. Elite Customer Service for Luxury Retailers and Hospitality
  5. Multicultural Business Etiquette Around the Globe

World-Class Business Etiquette Program

 world-Class Business Training



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Why Choose EtiquetteOutreach as Your Business Etiquette Trainer?


World-Class Business Etiquette Programs were created to expand business etiquette knowledge, provide action steps and deliver information-packed training in just 2.5 hours. Why should you choose as your business etiquette trainer? Here is why:

  1. We stretch the boundaries of traditional etiquette and offer new perspectives, modern framework, best practices, and time-effective training for the next generation of business professionals.
  2. We provide guidance on how to find your best-suited etiquette trainer, learn new skills, and get results in professional development.
  3. We teach other experts how to be a world-class international trainer and present outstanding business-etiquette seminars.
  4. We specialize in cross-cultural etiquette and international communications; providing training in French, Russian, English and Spanish.
  5. We offer a historical perspective of the business etiquette industry.
  6. We interpret, synthesize, and translate the cultural norms and behavioral trends of corporate etiquette around the world.
  7. We break down etiquette myths and predict new trends.
  8. We don’t recycle old rules and we don’t offer “packages”; we customize our content and training to our clients’ needs and immediate goals.
  9.  We guarantee positive transformation, actionable change, and new outcomes.
  10. We cater to small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and global companies.
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Business Dining and Business Networking Seminar in New York City


Business Dining Etiquette 


  • Always work from the outside-in when choosing utensils.
  • Keep your liquids on the right-hand-side
  • Use napkin every two to three bites to blot your mouth.
  • Pass salt and pepper together.
  • Turn off your cell phone and keep it off the table.
  • Don't ever tuck your dining napkin into your collar-- even if lobster is being served.
  • Use proper "Continental Style" no switching fork back and forth. 
  • Do not Tweet or text message during a business meal. Focus your attention on your present company.
  • If you're expecting an important phone call, alert your business colleague about a potential urgent phone call. Use your "vibrate" mode. 


Body language seminar, micro-expressions and hand gestures training

Body Language Seminar and Training in New York City with World-Class Etiquette Expert Lyudmila Bloch