Teacher's Toolbox: How to Teach Character Education

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What to Expect

EtiquetteOutreach.com provides numerous approaches for community-or-school-based etiquette-training programs along with ongoing consulting. Our goal is to help communities, organizations, and schools develop their own etiquette initiatives that are sustainable and meaningful. EtiquetteOutreach.com can work with your school/organization and customize our program(s) by addressing specific needs of your school, community, or not-for-profit organization. This character training class has been presented to more than 10,000 students in New York City and has demonstrated positive changes in actual behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes.

Character Education is a follow-up class in basic behavioral skills. It introduces the building blocks of character (integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, kindness, compassion, loyalty, self-esteem, etc.), appropriate behavior, and public conduct. Students are actively engaged in role-playing, cooperative activities, group discussions, and conflict resolution related to their school and real-life situations.

This program is 1.5 hour-long and contains 40 slides. You can add your additional content to this presentation.

Character Education

Teacher's guide: Why Teach Character Education

This is a two-part article on Why Teach Character Education in Our Schools. It discusses all of the essential elements of character education: skills, knowledge, character, and values. Why Teach Character Education

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