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A one-day professional etiquette training per each track* was created to demystify the etiquette-expert industry, reveal new career opportunities, share hidden secrets, resources, practical advice and help you succeed as an etiquette expert anywhere in the world. has trained consultants from Canada, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Greece, Romania, China, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America.

We offer "World-Class Business Etiquette" and "Etiquette Around the Globe" programs that will teach you how to start your own etiquette-consulting business and become a highly paid, successful seminar leader, author, speaker, presenter, and trainer anywhere in the world.

We use the latest research and technology to teach comprehensive business etiquette, with focus on international cultural differences, business protoocol, professional presence and body language, cross-cultural communication, business networking in person and online, business functions and business dining etiquette.


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Learn the Experts' Mindset and Philosophy:

  • Create your own etiquette brand, center, or program
  • Choose from Single track* (Children's Etiquette Expert), (Training Adults), or Dual track* (Professional Coaching for Adults and Teachers' Program for K-12).
  • Become a highly paid consultant and the go-to-expert in etiquette
  • Research your customer base and audience
  • Write your own business plan -- brand positioning, strategies, action plans, partnerships, and promotions.
  • Develop your experts' credentials and skills
  • Create your own unique content and voice in the industry
  • Learn essential elements of effective proposal writing & communicating with your potential clients
  • Explore PR tools: press releases, distribution pipeline, and online resources, power of brand marketing and social media.
  • Create your own products: PP presentations, videos, MP3 recordings, e-books, webinars, and white papers.
  • Learn  two or more "ready-to-teach programs" for children and adults of all ages. 
  • Present like a pro and practice best public-speaking techniques during your training.

Why Choose Etiquette Outreach as Your Professional Trainer & Mentor

World-Class Business Etiquette programs were created to expand business etiquette knowledge, provide action steps and deliver content-rich training.

You can choose two programs from your track, for example: business etiquette essentials, business dining and business functions, body language and professional presence, social skills for business and social savvy, multicultural etiquette around the globe.

Why should you choose as your business etiquette trainer? 

  1. We stretch the boundaries of traditional etiquette, and offer new perspectives, modern framework, best practices, and time-effective training for the next generation of business professionals.
  2. We provide guidance how to learn new skills, and how to get top results in professional development.
  3. We teach other experts how to be a World-Class Eiquette Expert and how to present outstanding business-etiquette seminars.
  4. We specialize in cross-cultural etiquette and international communications; providing training in five (5) languages.
  5. We offer a historical perspective of the etiquette industry since 1999.
  6. We interpret, synthesize, and translate the cultural norms and behavioral trends in business, social, and corporate etiquette around the world.
  7. We break down etiquette myths and predict new trends.
  8. We don’t recycle old rules and we don’t offer “packages,” we customize our content and training to our clients’ needs and immediate goals.
  9.  We guarantee positive transformation, actionable change, and new outcomes.
  10. We cater to small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, global companies, and individuals.
  11. We share the best resources, professional secrets, and experts' methodology to achieve unprecedented results!
  12. We attract the brightest stars from the best universities and schools around the world to develop educational content and tailor it to your specific needs.

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All professional training programs are customized to the needs, goals, and deadlines of our clients. We offer small group training for qualified individuals.

If you have an immediate request, please call (917) 951-9895.

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What Will Be Included in Your Training

Prior to your training, you'll receive training agenda, materials, PP samples, reading list, templates, questionnaire, and a new business sample proposal. Upon completion of your training (online or in person), you'll receive a Certificate to authorize our copyrighted and trademarked materials.

  • Professional Training for Adults. Receive two (2) PowerPoint presentations for Teaching Adults: World-Class Business Etiquette Essentials (45 slides); Business Etiquette Around the Globe (50 slides); or Business Dining and Wine Etiquette(45). Each valued at $ 995.00 each.
  • Children's Etiquette Instructor Toolkit. Receive two (2) PowerPoints presentations-- Introductory Etiquette and Basic Dining Skills; Character Education; and/or Social Skills for K-12. Each valued at $395.00
  • Receive one (1) complementary Sample Profile (EtiquetteOutreach) in PDF --PP (45 slides), valued at $395.00. 
  • Complementary Samples of client proposals, business  forms, PR releases and more.
The Golden Rules Of Etiquette At The Plaza by Tom Civitano
5.0 out of 5 stars Fun way to teach kids!February 14, 2011
My 9 year old daughter has read it about 100 times, so perfectly written it is for children! Not only, she learns a lot about good manners, she enjoys reading it over and over again. I know when she is reading it, because of the laughter I hear coming from her room. The illustrations are very nice too! 
It is a great idea for a birthday gift! I bought it directly at The Plaza store for $15 brand new.



What Makes a True Etiquette Expert?

Let’s examine what sets a true expert apart from your run-of-the-mill, book-learnin’ variety?

Etiquette Experts

Rule # 1: True etiquette experts do their due-diligence work. They have researched in meticulous detail all aspect of etiquette  (social, courtroom, business, medical). They analyzed industry trends and common practices, and read every book on these topics. You cannot advise about courtroom etiquette if you don’t understand fundamental judicial process, for example. Or you can’t effectively assist a medical practice, if you’re clueless about how healthcare mechanics affect every healthcare provider today.

Rule # 2:  True etiquette experts use new methodologies to deliver their content. They develop educational etiquette curricula, templates, presentations, and they strategically tailor relevant content to the needs of their clients. They don’t label themselves “America’s leading etiquette expert” when they can barely recycle Mom’s table manners. There is nothing wrong with teaching good, down-home family etiquette, but please make your content fresh and engaging.

Rule # 3: True etiquette experts don’t waste their clients’ time. If they don’t know about a specific subject, let’s say proper greeting protocol in Japan (Sorry, President Obama, but you had the wrong etiquette expert advising you on how to greet the Japanese Emperor and the King of Saudi Arabia), true experts call on those who do know. And that’s what makes them great! One does not become a “royal expert” unless one has actually served a "Royal Family" in some part of the world! But if you didn’t, it’s best to check another expert who is specializing in this topic.

Rule # 4: True etiquette experts are industry leaders and educators, extraordinarily thoughtful people who interpret and set forth commonsense rules on how things are and ought to be. They make meaningful contributions to the subject of etiquette by advancing a new civility movement or a new “cause,” and they are generous in sharing their knowledge with their audience and colleagues. A Canadian expert, Mary Gordon, launched a program called “Roots of Empathy” based on the latest research on child development. This program has already reached over 375,000 students in Canada. Roots of Empathy Website

Here’s to you, true etiquette expert, who teaches from the heart, writes with passion, and generously shares professional wisdom!

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Best-Selling Programs for Children

Introductory EtiquetteCharacter Education



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Lyudmila Bloch was exceptional in her approach to the training which she gave to me for the Character education for children. Always so punctual with times and very explanatory with how you should approach certain situations. Her enthusiasm for encouraging others to take their place in the world to unite and teach children how to grow positively are without question with a lot of passion and experience. I would certainly recommend Lyudmila's Bloch's formal training to add to any form of teaching. Lyudmila Bloch certainly has a wealth of experience which one cannot dismiss. I am very pleased to of had the privelidge to get to know her and to of made such a wonderful connection in the world of etiquette coaching and social skills training for children. Thank you so very much for your valuable time which you spent with me to progress and grow, not only for myself but just as importantly, for human kind as a whole.
Miss Taryn Jahme, UK


"Getting trained by and Lyudmila Bloch has been a tremendous experience. Lyudmila’s professionalism and knowledge were great inspiration and motivation for me. This training was so engaging that my immediate goal is to put all my knowledge into practice with children, adolescents, and adults. This training goes hand-in-hand with my Ph.D. studies in Psychology, and has provided me with a broader view and perspective of human behavior. Good manners and social skills are common sense but appropriate behavior must be learnt!

I recommend this training to all professionals who are looking to enhance their skills and want to serve their community!” 

Marta C., Ph.D.

Puerto Rico 

*  *  *

I was fortunate enough to work with Ms. Lyudmila Bloch on a high-profile project involving a customized etiquette-and-social skills training program for a celebrity client. The goal was to create a training program to address specific issues that needed to be corrected.  During our long-term project, Ms. Bloch has demonstrated her superb pedagogic savvy, cultural sensitivity, ability to overcome challenges, and deliver the  most accurate assessment of problems and issues at hand.  She has put together a step-by-step, long-term plan that helped transform the lives of our clients, their entire administrative office, their children and extended family involved in business.  Her programs were excellent and her hands-on practical advice was priceless.

I highly recommend Ms. Bloch and Etiquette Outreach to any company, high-profile individual, or any organization seeking education and training in all areas of social and business etiquette for adults and children.




Naples, Florida and London, UK

Etiquette Expert/Consultant Training in NY A+ grade

Thank you, Lyudmila Bloch and Etiquette Outreach for your comprehensive and bold training for educators and consultants. The words cannot express my gratitude to you and your staff. Your great programs in PP, blogs, tips, templates, samples, and tireless practicing sessions were amazing!

After I have spent two days with you during my visit to NYC, I realized that I have had previously wasted my funds and resources on materials and programs purchased from etiquette consultants.

Your materials for adults and children were most comprehesive and easy-to-learn. I feel inspired and prepared to do my work! Thank you for all you do, Etiquette Expert, NY! 

Penny S., Rochester, New York

Youth Center



Great training and best professional know-how for etiquette consultants


I'm delighted to share my experience about my training in New York City with Etiquette Outreach and Lyudmila Bloch! I came from Macedonia to learn how to be a Children/Corporate Etiquette Consutant in my country. Being a lawyer by education, I'm trained to summarize facts, content, and to be quick on my feet. My goal was to start a new business etiquette course for law students at the regional University, plus offer business-etiquette training in Macedonia, Bulgaria, and other locations in Europe. I made three visits to New York City and gradually got trained in all aspects of business, corporate, judicial, and social etiquette. Being a mom of two boys, I'm compelled to teach school children, as well as University students in my home town!

I feel confident that with my new mentor, Lyudmila Bloch, I can be an effective and competent etiquette coach in Europe! Thank you!


R.Gogolevska, Macedonia

NY Expert Receives Praise from Professional Community

Lyudmila Bloch and Etiquette Outreach have exceeded our expectations by delivering multiple modules of content-rich, captivating programs that will help any professional or industry to effectively learn-and-teach all aspects of business and cross-cultural communications.

Salvador Lopez,  M.D. 

Latin Physicians Network Foundation, NY

Praise from Abroad

The training I received at Etiquette Outreach has been superb. I embarked on the Corporate Etiquette certification and have not been disappointed. I was impressed by Lyudmila Bloch’s warmth and professionalism. The course presentations were detailed and well researched, and I could easily perceive its ‘real world’ appeal, and how relevant the training is, in today’s rapidly changing, global environment. Lyudmila Bloch was punctual and effortlessly elegant, and always conscious of what training you may need in a business and social setting, and how to deliver it to you. I would certainly recommend training with Etiquette Outreach, and I look forward to working with Lyudmila Bloch again in the future.


Nkem Nwachukwu, UK

Ph.D Candidate