Dear Lyudmila,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your expert knowledge with me and my sons. It was wonderful to discuss, and learn in a "hands on" environment.  The location was an excellent choice because of the variety of foods and the private setting of the table.  
Of the three boys, Mike seems most appreciative of the opportunity and thanked me multiple times.  Cory and Gene, both recognized they need to improve many of their basic skills and promised to work on it.  
It's always fun to be in NY, the weather made it perfect.
I feel we may need a refresher in the future, till then best regards,


Columbia University

In the City of New York

June  10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the Office of Student Development and Activities at Columbia University, I would like to express my appreciation to Lyudmila Bloch of Etiquette Outreach for facilitating a training for participants of our Senior Survival Series. Her expertise proved greatly beneficial in teaching our graduating seniors about business etiquette knowledge, etiquette skills, and the importance of honing these as vital business practices.

Specifically, they gained knowledge and training in proper introductions, appropriate body language, business dining skills, social skills for business, and online/email etiquette – all of which will help them in their future careers. Among the comments, one student provided high marks for Ms. Bloch, enthusiastically stating, “She was great! Do this again!”

Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend Etiquette Outreach to companies, non-profits, and other organizations seeking training in business etiquette and professional protocol. Ms. Bloch has exceeded our expectations, and I am pleased with the results. My thanks once again!


Leo D. Pedraza

Assistant Director

Student Development and Activities



Dorothea Johnson, Director

Observations of Dorothea Johnson reviewing Ms.Bloch's presentation. 


You have an elegant bearing which is so suited to your work...They are so lucky to have you... You walk the walk and you talk the talk! " 


Etiquette Lessons

I want to thank you for the wonderful afternoon you spent with our Girl Scout Troop this Sunday. Our goal had been to expose the girls to some expert advice on how to behave when out to eat and we all feel we got so much more. You taught us, literally, everything from "soup to nuts." Your invaluable teaching made every girl walk away from the table with a newfound confidence in her ability to handle a variety of social situations. From folding the napkin to holding the teacup and everything that goes on at a table in between, the girls loved learning everything you had to share. You also taught them that proper etiquette is so much more than learning how to hold your utensils. Your lessons on how to make introductions and establish eye contact, what to do when your drink ends up in the hands of another diner and how to handle the situation if something awkward occurs at the table will stay with them for a lifetime. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with the girls. It was a memorable afternoon for all of us.
Thank you,

Laura Hull
Group Leader


Etiquette Class for Kids in Manhattan

Ms. Bloch’s etiquette class should be a part of every child’s education. It is a valuable investment in a child’s future. My daughter was a little nervous about taking the class at first, but Ms. Bloch was so welcoming that she settled in easily. Now our daughter is applying her new skills at home and giving her family etiquette tips as well. We are very pleased that she is on her way to feeling confident and comfortable in many different social settings. Perhaps even more valuable, she learned how she might make others feel welcome and comfortable. Ms. Bloch is professional, warm, flexible, and fun. She kept the instruction lively and easily held the attention and respect of the children. To my surprise, I noted several dining etiquette points of which I had been previously unaware. So one might consider taking this class with your child. We were so impressed with the class that we plan to attend any other classes that Ms. Bloch has to offer.

Written by cecilejh@cal.berkeley.edu

A Hit with Pre-Teen and Teen Girls !!!

On February 25, 2007, a very chic Lyudmila Bloch gave my daughter one of her best birthday parties ever!! We had a luncheon at a local restaurant accompanied by a two-hour etiquette lesson from Lyudmila Bloch on the gracious way to eat a lunch from soup to dessert. The girls just “ate it up” (pardon the pun). The girls (ages 11-13) were attentive the entire time. Lyudmila did not just speak about table manners, but about the underlying reasons for what she was teaching them. Lyudmila helped the girls in a gentle way as they tried out the new methods. There was also plenty of laughter whenever Lyudmila showed them in an exaggerated fashion the “wrong” way of doing something. Quite a few of the parents stayed to listen at a nearby table, and were fascinated by what they were learning. (We all learned things we did not know). Even diners who walked by our table lingered to hear Lyudmila teaching. I think this is a great age to be taking etiquette lessons, as the girls are preparing to step out into society, begin dating, having summer jobs and dealing with people outside their school circle of friends. I think that it made the girls more aware of the fact that they were on the cusp of adulthood. The two hours flew by, and all the girls had a really great time. I will definitely be signing up my daughter for more classes. Who knows where it will take us?

Written by Kathy Wunsche

Private coaching/Etiquette Outreach

Teaching etiquette and table manners to your kids can be tough! As a single parent I was frustrated and tired of dealing with temper tantrums and food fights at the table. I called Lyudmila Bloch, etiquette expert and private coach to set-up a private training for my kids. I recently came across an article about her program in Newsday. To my surprise, after a two-hour session, Ms.Bloch was able to control the situation at the dining table — kicking, screaming, food throwing…She offered valuable and effective tips for me on how to handle it in the future. The private coaching worked! I feel de-stressed and reassured that my concerns and problems were addressed and solved, at least, for now. I highly recommend Etiquette Outreach to all parents that are seeking answers to their problems. Thank you for your patience and expertise!

Written by N. Pavlovsky

Students Give Rave Reviews

Recently I took 28 students to Mars 2112 to join Ms. Block’s Etiquette Class. It was marvelous. The students paid absolute attention and on the second trip they answered all the review questions perfectly. I was impressed that they retained so much. What I loved so
much was that they smiled and smiled because they were being treated with so much respect. They are still talking about this experience. Thank you Ms. Block.

Review by: PS. 9 (jmcdonn@nycboe.net)

Multiple Plusses for EO!

Ms. Lyudmila Bloch recently facilitated a magnificent etiquette training at our business middle school which was very successful in helping reach the goals of exposing 6th, 7th & 8th graders to learning basic and business dining skills; bonding the generations together; and increasing parent involvement. The school’s staff lounge underwent a metamorphosis and was
transformed into a formal ambience restaurant titled “The Five Seasons.”

Ms. Bloch’s program included also focused on other other pertinent topics and skills, i.e., telephone/cell phone manners, business etiquette and character building, along with helpful parental tips. Her sharing of personal experiences was most welcome and helpful. The handouts/visual practice materials were excellent and easy to follow, and encouraged use at home at the dining table. Conflict resolution, the importance of timing, consideration of the host, thank you notes, dress codes and crucial job search manners and criteria were discussed with the students (some of which, at age 14, are eligible to work for the first time this coming

Etiquette Outreach is win/win program, a blessing for our changing times and has become an important tool in the arsenal of maintaining humanity and civility in our
society! I encourage more schools and parents to get on board with this much-needed program.

Review by: Sheila E. Reinhardt, PC (sreinhardt@nycboe.net)

Educational and fun

I learned about these classes when I read the review in
Readers Digest by the New York Columnist, Liz Smith. I
brought my three grand daughters to a class by Ms Bloch
on a recent visit to NYC. It was as fun and as
informative as the article by Ms Smith indicated.
My grand daughters now correct my manners at the table. It is also a complete pleasure to go places with these three angels aged 7, 9, and 11.

Review by: Sid (Sidharder@aol.com)

Best instructor for teens

My 17-year-old son just had a private training session on “Business and Leadership skills for teens” with Ms. Bloch. He is getting ready for his college interviews. This is the best thing I have done for him in order to get him ready for college. I was very impressed with in-depth content, details, and helpful tips offered by the instructor. He is much more confident and focused
after this session. I will recommend this class to all parents dealing with the same issue. What a valuable services right here in Manhattan! Thanks, etiquette outreach!

Review by: Dr. Franz Goyzueta (goyzuetamd@yahoo.com)