Local Contributes to new etiquette book


Rosemary Carroll of Bethany Beach stumbled upon Lyudmila Bloch’s school of etiquette while working on a project at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

That chance exposure led to collaboration on several children’s books.

Carroll, a native New Yorker, moved to the Bethany area 12 years ago. She is a portrait photographer, but also an author and illustrator.

She collaborated on “Corneel the Cavalier” in 2000 and “Corneel at the Plaza” in 2001, with Janet York.

Carroll just finished work on her third book, written with Bloch and the Plaza Hotel’s Tom Citivano. It’s called “The Golden Rules of Etiquette at the Plaza.”

Having seen Bloch’s program in action, and having studied etiquette one day a week at her own school as a child, Carroll recognized etiquette had a lot of value. She decided she wanted to get involved.

“I was working on a project at the hotel and I thought, This is great! I can take the kids up with me while I’m working and they can take a class while I’m working,”‘ she said.

“After I saw what they were doing, I was so impressed I asked if I could talk to the general manager at the hotel, and then the vice president of marketing, to see if I could do a project with them.”

According to Young Plaza Ambassadors (YPA) Director Lyudmila Bloch, “She’s the greatest author, illustrator and photographer, and she knows how to work with children, because she has plenty of. her own (eight, ranging from grade school students to married college grads).”

Bloch runs the entire YPA program, but also teaches class. Literally.

Visiting Delaware last week on a Carroll family invitation, she explained how the book grew out of her program.

“I realized what the parents were looking for was something that the kids don’t get in school,” Bloch said. “What they don’t get in school is etiquette. Even in the best schools, it’s not included in the curriculum.

“Etiquette helps children develop self- confidence, self-esteem, they interact much better with friends and family members, and they grow up to be kind, respectful adults,” said Bloch.

Carroll, Bloch and Citivano assembled the 44-page, illustrated, “The Golden Rules of Etiquette at the Plaza,” with approximately 30 multiple choice questions — for parents who might want to give their children the opportunity to learn a few pointers without making the trip to New York.

Bloch outlined a few fundamentals:

  • Probably the worst thing you can do is hurt somebody’s feelings
  • Dismiss inappropriate language. Outclass them by not saying anything. Sometimes silent messages can be very powerful. ” Certain subjects can divide even families and break the best friendships. That’s why certain convictions should remain private and deeply held.
  • Sometimes we feel so passionate about a subject that we cannot wait until the other person finishes before we jump in. Have the respect not to interrupt, respect not to feel superior or more important than others.

“The Golden Rules of Etiquette at the Plaza” is scheduled for release in another tow weeks. For more information, contact Rosemary Carroll at Studio Eight by the Sea, 539-0362.