Manhattan Etiquette School NYC

EtiquetteOutreach, founded by Lyudmila Bloch in 2000, has provided etiquette training services to families, schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, and universities. More than 5,000 students from New York public, private, and charter schools have attended our program, inspiring generous reviews in more than 60 publications, including Child, Quest, ForbesLife, New York Magazine, Parenting, NY Parents, NY Daily News, New York Post, and more.

Etiquette Authors and Etiquette Instructors, Lyudmila Bloch and Rosemary Carroll, have supported The Dual Language Program in New York public schools in collaboration with the French Embassy in New York City and NYC Department of Education.


Lyudmila Bloch, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and Mary Hanlon, CEO of Mars 2112

From left to right: Lyudmila Bloch (Etiquette Outreach), Anchor of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts, and Mary Hanlon of Mars 2112 (Attended a Graduation Ceremony at P.S. 69/New York).

"For the dainty darlings attending Lyudmila Bloch's finishing school, it's no spit and all polish! " -- Stephanie Cooperman, Forbes Life.

Etiquette Class/Etiquette Lessons for Children at The Manhattan School of Etiquette


"Our children these days take an astonishing array of classes and lessons, from swimming to cooking to Russian and Mandarin Chinese. But one educational aspect is often overlooked: Basic Etiquette and Social Skills.

While the planet has become a more casual place, it appears more evident to us that knowing what to do --  makes people like us better. Manners are one of the most valuable tools any child can learn" -- says Rosemary Carroll, Creative Director and Partner at

Since 2000, Etiquette Outreach has provided etiquette-training services for children and families in New York City and beyond. As a former Director of the VIP Program at The Plaza Hotel, Lyudmila Bloch worked closely with education specialists, psychologists, and curriculum experts to develop Children's Etiquette Program. The program at The Plaza Hotel, NYC was so popular that it spawned a series of leadership and business classes, and later a pilot program in New York City public schools.  Over 4,700 young New Yorkers have signed up for the program to attend weekly etiquette classes at The Plaza — Eloise Tea and Social Skills, Eloise Birthday Party Etiquette, Eloise Dining Skills, Formal Etiquette at The Plaza, Ballroom Dancing with Eloise and Friends and more.

"The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza" book by  Lyudmila Bloch and Rosemary Carroll was offered to all visiting guests as a practical etiquette guide in New York City. 

Ms. Liz Smith, celebrated author and famous syndicated columnist, has taken these etiquette classes and wrote about her learning experience in her book "Dishing."

One-on-One Etiquette Coaching for Your Child


Etiquette Class/Etiquette Lesson/Etiquette Teacher


"Human Behavior flows from three sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge." -- Plato, Greek Philosopher and Founder of Academy in Athens. 

"In the war on bad manners, I prefer to start early to prevent them from developing -- said Lyudmila during her interview with Forbes Life.


Toddler/Etiquette Class

At the age of 4, your child should be able to differentiate between 'bad and good manners." In 2009, Craig Smith and Paul Harris, clinical psychologists from Harvard University/ Graduate School of Education, presented an experimental study -- "Effects of apology on children's emotions and development." The study has revealed that the two most important concepts any parent can teach their toddler were gratitude and apology. Empathy was defined as a core-feature in pro-social behavior.

"At the age of 6 -- continued Bloch -- your child should have enough confidence to greet and introduce him/herself to others.  At the age of 8, your child should know how to read a basic table setting, hold dining utensils, and use a table napkin."

Dining and Social Skills for Children


Dining etiquette class is intended to heighten students' awareness and appreciation of basic manners and dining skills in the context of their daily lives. The goal is to introduce all basic elements: proper table setting, correct use of utensils, use of a napkin, different dining styles -- American and Continental. Recommended to all beginners from ages 6 and up.
To schedule a private coaching session for your child, please call (212) 977-6804.