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Being good at business means more than just providing a product or service to your client. Without business savvy, you'll limit your potential, risk your image and reputation, and jeopardize your professional relationships.


Regardless of your industry or career, a business-etiquette coach can help you navigate any work situation with confidence, poise, and proper etiquette. Our customized, pre-training questionnaire will reveal areas of vulnerability and opportunities for improvement in your professional or personal life.

All professionals will benefit from this confidential training—bankers, mortgage brokers, lawyers, physicians, hospital administrators, educators, personal financial planners, media and advertising executives, hospitality and travel specialists, athletes, entertainers, HR specialists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and business executives.


Ebook World-Class Business Etiquette

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Lyudmila Bloch, business etiquette expert, etiquette coach, seminar leader and business etiquette author, has led business etiquette seminars for top-ranking employees of The United Nations and Fortune 500 companies.  She coauthored World-Class Business Etiquette Ebook with Jeremy Willinger in 2010. 

As your private business/social etiquette coachshe will help you achieve the highest results in your personal and professional development.       

Featured in The New York Times, ForbesLife, Fortune, Fox Business, Money, BusinessWeek, and Bloomberg Financial News, your personal etiquette coach will dramatically improve your existing body language, social skills for business, business dining skills, business networking ability, and multicultural understanding. 


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The core skills you'll acquire during your business etiquette training (one-on-one or group training) will dramatically improve your confidence, professional appearance, presentation skills, social skills in business settings, positive body language, and your business dining etiquette.  You'll learn how to start, advance, and end a conversation in any social or business situations.

Our consultants speak French, Persian, Spanish, Russian, and specialize in cross-cultural communications.


           Your personal etiquette coach will help you:

  •  Transform your professional image  
  •  Find answers to pressing issues at work  
  •  Improve your mingling ability and networking skills  
  •  Boost your potential for success in business
  •  Eliminate self-doubt, increase your confidence, self-esteem, and improve your body language.  

To receive your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, please call (917) 951-9895  today!  Email: for a quick reply.  We'll help you determine the most  cost-effective and appropriate plan for you! 


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World-Class Business Etiquette Program was created to expand business etiquette knowledge, provide action steps and deliver information-packed training in just 3 hours. Why should you choose as your business etiquette trainer? Here is why:


  • We stretch the boundaries of traditional etiquette, and offer new perspectives, modern framework, best practices, and time-effective training for the next generation of business professionals.
  • We provide guidance on how to find your best-suited etiquette trainer, how to learn new skills, and how top get results in professional development.
  • We teach other experts on how to be a world-class international instructor, and how to present outstanding business-etiquette seminars.
  • We specialize in cross-cultural etiquette and international communications; providing training in five languages.
  • We offer a historical perspective of the business etiquette industry.
  • We interpret, synthesize, and translate the cultural norms and behavioral trends in business and corporate etiquette around the world.
  • We break down etiquette myths and predict new trends.
  • We don’t recycle old rules and we don’t offer “packages”; we customize our content and training to our clients’ needs and immediate goals.
  •  We guarantee positive transformation, actionable change, and new outcomes.
  • We cater to small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and global companies.