Professional and Social Image Makeover

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Social Image Makeover and Social Success for Women

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Professional Image Makeover for Men



                                  WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS TRAINING                  


  • Six elements of proper introduction
  • Posture, body language, and hand gestures
  • Greeting others and introducing yourself to a group
  • "Safety zone" and other critical elements of first impression
  • Voice: pitch, tonality, volume and melody
  • Powerful 30-second self-introduction
  • Starting, advancing, and ending a conversation during any social function
  • Video practice session 

Module 2 -- Power, Style, Elegance, and Professionalism

  • Personal style assessment
  • Identifying your body shape
  • Size, proportions, and visual challenges
  • Ideal colors and shapes
  • Dressing for a special social occasion
  • Defining your social goals
  • Styling, shopping, dressing, and accessorizing tips
  • Hair, makeup, and personal grooming issues
  • Hair/makeup/visual tips
  • World-class styling tips and fashion advice for all  social occasions
  • Perfect final touch: jewelry and accessories

Module 3 -- Speaking, Interacting, Networking

  • Asking opened-end questions
  • Reading micro-expressions
  • Engaging in active listening
  • Starting and advancing any conversation
  • Conversation "icebreakers" and "perfect phrases"
  • Remembering names and details
  • Getting your message across in verbal communication and body language
  • Showing off your social skills when interacting with people from other cultures
  • World-class etiquette skills and "social savvy secrets"
  • Social tools for success

Module 4 -- European, Asian, American and any other dining styles

  • Defining and identifying all dining styles
  • Difference and preference in European and American dining styles
  • One-on-one dining session with the European dining expert
  • Learning to be a gracious host/hostess
  • Reading any table chart: casual or formal dining
  • Seating protocol and identifying your guests of honor
  • Guiding guests while ordering food at a restaurant -- French, Italian, Japanese, American
  • Pairing food with wine
  • Basic wine etiquette and wine-ordering tips
  • Using silverware and chopsticks
  • Handling dining blunders and difficult moments
  • Paying bills, tipping and gratuity

                               Confidential and Private one-on-one training.  





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Perfect Business Dress is Your Best Introduction

by Meghan Keneally

American culture places a premium on appearance, and it is as true in the boardroom as it is on the runways at Fashion Week and the red carpets of Hollywood. Before walking into an important business meeting, you must think about how your look will affect the first impression that you give to clients and potential employers. You want to project confidence, power, and intelligence. 

While your résumé will reveal your work experience, your level of professionalism and respect will be transmitted immediately by your appearance. Don’t panic: even though that sounds scary and might send some rushing to the nearest boutique, the truth of the matter is that we define what message we are going to give even before we decide what to wear. Start the day by thinking of what you want to show: that you are confident, smart, and personable. Your attitude and body language will shine through any outfit that you wear, so it is best to act confident and self aware no matter the label on your business blazer.                      

The clothes are secondary to your self-image, but they are a visual representation of the message that you are trying to project and they should mirror the confidence and professionalism seen in your attitude. Think about what you want your clothes say about you: do you want them to say that you are flashy and sexy or that you are a serious professional with the capability to handle tough situations in a respectable manner. That may sound like more of a message than the average gray suit can give, but don’t limit yourself. 

When selecting an outfit, choose one that is sleek but serious. For women, heels are fine but their height should correlate with the skirt—don’t wear anything too high with anything too short. Skirts should never be higher than the top of your knee and your heels should never be higher than three inches. Never show cleavage. At the same time, choose an outfit that you are comfortable in, and make sure that your clothes don’t detract from the main event: you and your thoughts. At work, you want to showcase your business prowess; you don’t want a loud flower print to distract colleagues from listening to what you’re saying. Whether it’s an expensive watch for a man or a low-cut blouse for a woman, your accessories and clothing should not be a distraction, taking the focus away from you and your credentials. 

All of this detailed focus on the minutiae of your appearance for a first impression may seem trivial when the real focus should be on your skills and ideas, but we live in a very judgmental society. Like it or not, we are often critiqued based on our looks so it is important to think carefully about both the physical and psychological image that we project when walking into a business meeting.


Reviews and Comments From Our Clients

Lyudmila Bloch was exceptional in her approach to the training which she gave to me for the Character education for children. Always so punctual with times and very explanatory with how you should approach certain situations. Her enthusiasm for encouraging others to take their place in the world to unite and teach children how to grow positively are without question with a lot of passion and experience. I would certainly recommend Lyudmila's Bloch's formal training to add to any form of teaching. Lyudmila Bloch certainly has a wealth of experience which one cannot dismiss. I am very pleased of having had the privelidge to get to know her and to have made such a wonderful connection in the world of etiquette coaching. Thank you so very much for your valuable time which you spent with me to progress and grow, not only for myself but just as importantly, for human kind as a whole.
Miss Taryn Jahme, UK

My Mentor, my trainer, my coach in NYC

I have recently moved to NYC to start my first job in the United States. I have my medical degree and my Ph.D from China. My cultural background and education were very different and I was not prepared to deal, interact, and commuicate with my associastes at the hospital. Ms.Bloch provided the most valuable training in cross-cultural and business etiquette. Our training sessions in person and online were filled with comprehensive information, details, tips, and know-how for a young professional.

The benefits of this training were tremendous -- it took away my anxiety and fears related to my job duties. It gave me confidence and knowledge  as to what to do in any business setting. I learned how to deal with my boss, administrators, patients, and fellow doctors. I'm so grateful for all the time and knowledge Ms.Bloch has shared with me during my training. I highly recommend this service to anybody who just moved to New York City for a new job offer! Thank you! W.Lee