The Three-Step Solution to Amazing Business Manners in Just Two Hours 完美商务举止三部曲:培训只需两小时








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Testimonials from Professionals

NY Expert Receives Praise from Professional Community

Lyudmila Bloch and Etiquette Outreach have exceeded our expectations by delivering multiple modules of content-rich, captivating programs that will help any professional or industry to effectively learn and teach all aspects of business and cross-cultural communications. Salvador Lopez, MD, Latin Physicians Network Foundation


Testimonials from Clients

Dear Ms.Bloch,

I recently completed a summer associate position with a prestigious law firm. A significant portion of the experience involved attending lunches/dinners with clients and attorneys. Having taken an etiquette class with you, I was incredibly confident in my ability to gracefully conduct myself during these events, as well as in my general office etiquette. Your class allowed me to assess my etiquette weaknesses and improve them so as to make a good impression with the firm. I received a permanent offer to work at the firm as a result of my work and demeanor, which I have accepted. I owe you a great deal, particularly given the lack of employment opportunities in this economy. Thank you for providing an excellent service.



Praise from Abroad

The training I received at Etiquette Outreach has been superb. I embarked on the Corporate Etiquette certification and have not been disappointed. I was impressed by Lyudmila Bloch’s warmth and professionalism. The course presentations were detailed and well researched, and I could easily perceive its ‘real world’ appeal, and how relevant the training is, in today’s rapidly changing, global environment. Lyudmila Bloch was punctual and effortlessly elegant, and always conscious of what training you may need in a business and social setting, and how to deliver it to you. I would certainly recommend training with Etiquette Outreach, and I look forward to working with Lyudmila Bloch again in the future.


Nkem Nwachukwu, UK

Ph.D Candidate

How to Ace Your First Job Interview

I have taken Ms.Bloch's course in Business Dining Etiquette to improve my overall business and social skills. My first interview was over a business lunch and I got my job offer a few days later! I was thrilled!

Can't thank her enough for the most time-effective, comprehensive, content-rich training in just two hours!


Columbia University