Top 10 Reasons to Hire Etiquette Outreach as Your Trainer

World-Class Business Etiquette training was created to expand business etiquette knowledge, provide action steps and deliver information-packed training in just 2.5 hours to individuals or corporations.

Why should you choose as your business etiquette trainer? 

We have been providing business-etiquette and multicultural training in NYC  and around the globe since 2000! 

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Hire

  1. We stretch the boundaries of traditional etiquette and offer new perspectives, new trends, modern framework, best practices, and time-effective training for the next generation of business professionals.
  2. We provide guidance on how to learn new skills and get immediate results in your  professional development.
  3. We teach other experts how to be experts and offer World-Class Business Etiquette copyrighted programs and materials to the future generation of etiquette experts anywhere in the world.
  4. We specialize in cross-cultural etiquette and international communications; providing training in five languages.
  5. We offer a historical perspective of the business etiquette industry.
  6. We interpret, synthesize, and translate the cultural norms and behavioral trends in business and corporate etiquette around the world for the past 13 years.
  7. We break down etiquette myths and predict new trends.
  8. We don’t recycle old rules and we don’t offer “packages”; we customize our content and training to our clients’ needs and goals.
  9.  We guarantee positive transformation, actionable change, and new outcomes.
  10. We cater to small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and global companies.
Lyudmila Bloch, Founder of, was interviewed by
The New York Times, New York, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, TimeOut New York, Parents, Child, Meridian, Quest, NY Daily News, NY Post, WorldNewsReport, AOL, HuffParents, Bronx Times Reporter, CNN Money, CBS News, Fox Business News, ABC News and more.
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For those of you, who think etiquette is a thing of the past, think again.  Perhaps you have not met Ms. Lyudmila Bloch. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to attend the Professional Etiquette Training (How To Be An Etiquette Consultant Anywhere in the World) program taught by Ms. Bloch. She is a renowned world-sought-after international etiquette expert and protocol consultant.  She has a passionate heart for transforming people from all walks of life through the art of social grace, etiquette, and protocol.  Ms. Bloch provides you with first-hand insights through experiential learning that will maximize your life’s potential. Her precise delivery of her curriculum set the platform for me to put concepts to work immediately.  Etiquette training is not simply what Ms. Bloch does, it is who she is.  Ms. Bloch’s world-class training has equipped me to establish my business which mirrors her results.  Indeed, she is the world-class business-etiquette expert.  Before you schedule your next business meeting or speak before diplomats, whether in an office setting or over a meal, be sure to request the services of Ms. Bloch. 

Thank you,

Shery Graham 


Dear Ms.Bloch,

I recently completed a summer associate position with a prestigious law firm. A significant portion of the experience involved attending lunches/dinners with clients and attorneys. Having taken an etiquette training with you, I was incredibly confident in my ability to gracefully conduct myself during these events, as well as in my general office etiquette. Your training allowed me to assess my etiquette weaknesses and improve them so as to make a good impression with the firm. I received a permanent offer to work at the firm as a result of my work and demeanor, which I have accepted. I owe you a great deal, particularly given the lack of employment opportunities in this economy. Thank you for providing an excellent service.



Georgetown University Law Center


The training I received at Etiquette Outreach has been superb. I embarked on the Corporate Etiquette certification and have not been disappointed. I was impressed by Lyudmila Bloch’s warmth and professionalism. The course presentations were detailed and well researched, and I could easily perceive its ‘real world’ appeal, and how relevant the training is, in today’s rapidly changing, global environment. Lyudmila Bloch was punctual and effortlessly elegant, and always conscious of what training you may need in a business and social setting, and how to deliver it to you. I would certainly recommend training with Etiquette Outreach, and I look forward to working with Lyudmila Bloch again in the future.


Nkem Nwachukwu, London,  UK

Ph.D Candidate

I have taken Ms.Bloch's course in Business Dining Etiquette to improve my overall business and social skills. My first interview was over a business lunch and I got my job offer a few days later! I was thrilled!

Can't thank her enough for the most time-effective, comprehensive, content-rich training in just two hours!


Columbia University